We continued our study of enzymes and digestion by focusing specifically on the process of digestion today.  Students all received a handout with an image of the digestive system, and then we labeled the parts and took notes on the process of digestion while watching the video below:

Additional notes from the whiteboard are shown below:

Molecular Formulas

For our first lesson of Unit 2, students were asked to respond to the following entry task:

  • What do you think is happening when you smell something?
  • Why do you think we have a sense of smell?

After a class share-out, students all participated in an activity where they smelled five different scents and then compared their observations as a class.  Based on the class results, students made connections between molecular formulas, chemical names, and scents (fishy, minty, or sweet).  After completing the Lesson 28 Worksheet, students were assigned problems 7-9 from Lesson 28 of the textbook as homework.

Notes from the whiteboard are shown below: