Structural Formulas

We continued our work from yesterday, adding three additional scents for students to smell and connect with molecular formulas.  Students learned that two molecules can have the same molecular formula but smell very differently.  One compound smelled like rum extract, the other smelled like stinky cheese.  This created a powerful and memorable moment for students to remember the concept of isomers.  Key definitions for the day:

Structural Formula – A drawing or diagram that a chemist uses to show how the atoms in a molecule are connected. Each line represents a covalent bond.

Isomers – Molecules with the same molecular formula but different structural formulas

For the class period, students worked through the Lesson 29 worksheet and then were assigned Lesson 29 problems 5-7 from the textbook as homework.



We began class with a vocabulary review from yesterday.  Students completed Activity D problem #3 where they matched 11 digestion related vocabulary words with the correct definitions.  Next, we reviewed the enzymes from yesterday’s lesson to reinforce vocabulary and to review where in the body the enzymes work and which biomolecules they act on.  Notes from the white board are shown below:

For today’s lesson, we furthered our study of enzymes by watching the Amoeba Sisters video below:

After the video, students had time to work on the video worksheet in class and were instructed to finish it as homework.