Unit 2 Review

We packed a lot into our short Friday class period today, starting off with a return to the potato catalase lab packet.  We worked through pages 4-6 and students were directed to find the results from all of the classes on yesterday’s lesson post.  Students also received a copy of the Potato Catalase Lab Report Checklist and learned that they may work with a partner to complete the report and the due date is December 1.  Students were told that they can turn the report early to receive feedback which can be used to revise and improve their report by the due date.

For the last part of class, we reviewed Unit 2 content, with students encouraged to review the process of a slice of pizza or a cheeseburger being digested.  Students should practice writing an explanation which breaks down the parts of the food into biomolecules, explaining how those molecules are digested (anatomy of the digestion system and enzymes involved), and then explaining how the biomolecules are absorbed into the body and reassembled (biosynthesis) to form new biomolecules the body needs to live.