Introduction to Mitosis

Mitosis, or somatic cell division, involves the division of one cell into two after all of the components of the original cell (including the DNA!) divide into two sets.  We began by watching a Crash Course video about mitosis:

After the video, students were assigned to read pages 46-51 of chapter 4 (Cellular Reproduction: Multiplication By Division) of Inside the Cell.   Students then answered the following questions in their lab notebooks:

  1. Explain the purpose of mitosis.
  2. Which cells undergo mitosis?
  3. Describe the phases of mitosis in detail (words and/or drawings).
  4. Explain what happens when cells divide uncontrollably.  List the known causes of uncontrolled cell division.

This unit is focused specifically on NGSS Standard HS-LS1-4Use a model to illustrate the role of cellular division (mitosis) and differentiation in producing and maintaining complex organisms. 

Updated: November 28

We continued our introductory lesson with a PowerPoint slide deck reviewing the key concepts from yesterday.  Students also received back their Unit 2 Exams with instructions on how to revise and resubmit the exam to recover partial credit (below):

Students had the remainder of the class period to work on lab reports or complete the reading assignment from yesterday.  As a reminder, the reading assignment is due on Thursday (11/30).

Functional Group Poster – Days 2-3

Prior to beginning our second day of work on the Functional Group Poster Project, we discussed the Ester Synthesis Lab scheduled for tomorrow.  Students received the lab handout and were instructed to read it completely and answer the pre-lab assignment questions as homework.

Next, we discussed the concept of “R groups” to help students better understand how to complete the poster project.  We first watched the video posted to the previous lesson (also below) and then worked through a PowerPoint slide deck.  Students had the remainder of the class period to work on their posters.