Central Dogma

After wrapping up the discussion from the previous day’s lesson about The Double Helix, we launched into an investigation of the process of Central Dogma.  Students learned how DNA codes for RNA which codes for protein, with everyone drawing out the notes shown below.  We drew out the processes of transcription and translation, using a guided worksheet approach to help students understand what happens at each step of the process.  We worked through worksheet question 15 (identifying codons) and will continue our exploration of Central Dogma and complete the worksheet packet tomorrow.

Click to enlarge

Update: 12/13/17

We completed drawing our model of Central Dogma and then students had the remainder of the class period to work through the worksheet from yesterday.  Drawings were collected (students will receive credit for their work) and the worksheet is due by Friday for credit.  Below is an updated picture of our model:

Click to enlarge

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