Electronegativity and Polarity

We began class with students receiving copies of their progress reports and a copy of the Lesson 43 Worksheet and accompanying cartoon.  After reading through the cartoon, we briefly worked through parts of the Lesson 43 PowerPoint and students received a copy of the periodic table that includes the electronegativity values for each element.

We then investigated four different molecules and discussed the connection between molecule geometry, atomic composition, and how to calculate the difference in electronegativity between two atoms.  Students learned that non-polar covalent bonds have a difference in electronegativity of 0.5 or less.  An electronegativity difference greater than 2.1 results in an ionic bond.  Values between 0.5-2.1 result in polar covalent bonds.

For more on dipole moment, check out the Khan Academy video below:


For homework, students are assigned questions 1-4 on page 226.


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