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Our review of Units 1 and 2 culminated today.  Notes from both classes are provided below:

Functional groups with naming and smell
Amino acid base structure
Ester synthesis and peptide bonds are examples of dehydration synthesis reactions
Flow chart for predicting which molecules have a smell
Electron domains
Molecules can consist of multiple shapes

Diybrid Crosses (two-trait Punnett Squares)

As a review from last week’s  work on monohybrid crosses (single-trait Punnett Squares) and to extend student learning of Punnett Squares to dihybrid crosses (two- traits Punnett Squares), we began class with the following video by Mr. Anderson of Bozeman Science:

We then applied these concepts to a Two-Trait Punnett Square Gizmo in which students worked together in pairs to complete a work packet which included an additional review and application of the vocabulary learned thus far.

Notes from the white board for determining the alleles in a diybrid cross: