Physical vs Chemical Change

For Lesson 70, we began by recalling the lab yesterday and then observing the outcome of the following reaction: Cobalt (II) chloride (a solid with a rich blue color) + water (clear liquid) reacts to form a pink liquid.  An image of the reaction is in the Lesson 70 PowerPoint.  We discussed the difference between physical and chemical changes, and then used the remainder of the short class period to complete the Lesson 70 Worksheet.  For homework, students were assigned textbook questions 4 and 5 from Lesson 70.

For students who were absent or would like additional review, please watch the video below from Mr. Anderson of Bozeman Science:


Chromosome Project Poster Walk

The chromosome project culminated today with a poster walk.  Students placed their posters on their desks and then looked over each other’s posters while completing the poster walk handout.  After the poster walk, students turned in the handout (15 points), their completed posters (10 points), and their research notes (25 points).

Selected Chromosome Project Posters