Unit Conversion

As we transition from Chapter 13 to Chapter 14, we took a brief detour to review dimensional analysis and the metric system.  To prepare for “the mole” – a unit new to most chemistry students, we began class with the worksheet “How Many Whoozles?” Students were challenged to complete the first two problems, with a few students completing all of them.  The answer key for problems 1-5 is shown below:

Next, we transitioned to a review of the metric system, focusing on the base units of meters, liters, and grams.  We followed that up with the classic video aptly titled, “Meters, Liters, and Grams.”

For the remainder of class, students solved Dimensional Analysis practice problems on a worksheet.  Students may turn in one completed page (one page = front and back) for homework credit.  Turning in both completed pages will earn the student a bonus point for homework.  We worked through the first six problems together as a class: