Counting by Weighing

Our work today involved a Counting By Weighing activity.  Students recorded the mass of a small number of objects to then estimate the mass of a much larger number of objects.  The activity was designed to help students begin to make sense of the mole, a unit of chemistry that represents 6.02 x 10^23 of any given object.  In chemistry, we use the mole as a way to measure the number of atoms or molecules.  Students also received a copy of the Chapter 13/14 Study Guide as a tool to begin preparing for the quiz next Thursday.


Writing to Explain

What a week!  With 12 minute class periods yesterday and only 35 minutes today, we made the most of our time by completing and discussing the Cosmos video and then students were tasked with a “writing to explain” assignment where they compared and contrasted artificial and natural selection.  Most importantly, the assignment asked students to explain using evidence from the video.  The assignment is due Monday.

As we continue in our study of biology this school year, students will continue to practice the skill of explaining using evidence, with the expectation that students will draw on a variety of sources and learn to differentiate between credible and less-than-credible scientific resources.