Mystery Solutions

We began class today with the entry task from the Lesson 83 PowerPoint.  The student-driven solution is provided below:

For the remainder of class, students worked through the Lesson 83 Worksheet.  We began with Part A, in which students were tasked with determining which mystery solution matched with one of three chemical formulas.  The mystery solutions each had a different mass, but all three were known to be 100 mL and 1.0 M solutions.  Notes from the white board are provided below.  For homework, students were assigned problems #1-8 from Lesson 83 in the textbook.  Also, students were provided with a printed copy of the Chapter 15 Study Guide and were told about the revised schedule for next week (Chapter 15 quiz on Thursday).


Your Inner Monkey

As a reward for a job well done on the Evolution Project and also because many students were on a field trip, we watched “Your Inner Monkey” in class today.  Students who missed class are encouraged to watch the first 35 minutes this evening and we will finish the rest in class tomorrow.  The video can be accessed for free on the HHMI website.  Students have the option of completing a guided video worksheet for one bonus point.