Evidence for Change

Welcome to the Evidence for Change across Time activity!  As part of our Evolution Project, you were tasked with identifying careers associated with the study of evolution.  We will expand on what you learned about those careers in this activity.  You will be assigned to one of four careers.  Your job: complete the assigned tasks for your career.  Some parts of the activity should be completed as a team.  Other parts are to be completed individually, with the understanding that the members of your group are available for consultation.  You are expected to actively engage in your own learning and to share your learning with others.

For this project, you will be assigned to a team of 3 or 4 students.  Each team will receive a folder.  Please keep the  materials in the folder organized as they will be used by students in multiple classes.  You are expected to sit with your team this week and use class time efficiently.  Please do not ask to change groups.  You will present your work Friday, so your research and presentations must be completed and assembled before class begins Friday.

This work will count as your Evolution Unit Final Exam.  To receive credit, you must complete all individual and group work, document all of your research, and turn in all of your documentation in addition to preparing and sharing your findings during the presentation.  This will be your final grade for third quarter.  Late work will not be accepted.

Once you receive your assignment, it’s time to go to work!

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