Physical Anthropologist

Physical Anthropologist


  • Individually: In the BSCS Biology textbook, read and follow directions for Physical Anthropologists on pgs 47-49 through #2g but skipping b and d.
  • Individually: Write notes on Interview with a Physical Anthropologist in your notebook
  • Team: Observe, measure, and compare mystery bones, record in data table (2a 1-2)
  • Individually: Write explanation (2a 3)
  • Individually: Read “Primates Show Change Across Time” essay on textbook p. 110
  • Team: Discuss questions 2c 1 and 2
  • Individually: Write your ideas in response to questions 2c 1 and 2
  • Individually: Write inference
  • Individually: Complete the Skull Analysis Gizmo
  • Team: Prepare a presentation to share with the class:
    1. Description of their career
    2. Hominid Fossils
      • Summarize evidence you found
        • Indicating change over time
        • Indicating relatedness of early and modern hominids

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