Carrying Capacity of Yellowstone

In support of the House A Support Day, we elected to use class time today to complete the following work:

  1. Yellowstone Trophic Pyramid (pyramid + food web handout along with trophic pyramid worksheet both due today)
  2. Read the article titled “Interdependence Involves Limiting Factors and Carrying Capacity” on pages 650-652 of the BSCS Biology textbook.  Take notes and define vocabulary in notebooks.
    • A limiting factor is anything that can slow, or limit, the growth of a population.
      • Biotic factors: food supply and other organisms
      • Abiotic factors: space, raw materials, climate (the prevailing weather conditions in a given area through long periods of time), light
    • Carrying capacity is the maximum population of a particular species that the habitat can support.  It changes as environmental conditions change.
    • Population density is the number of individuals in relation to the space the population occupies.
  3. Model photosynthesis using molecular modeling kits.
    • Sunlight + H20 + CO2 –> C6H12O6 + O2
    • To balance the equation, need 6 each of H20, CO2, and O2

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