Introduction Writing

In addition to efficiently observing seed germination, making measurements of roots and shoots, and recording all the data in Google Sheets, students should browse through the following resources:

Students should note whether the seeds used in their own experiment are dicots or monocots, and be prepared to explain the difference between the two.  Students should take careful notes about the optimal conditions for seed germination, focusing on the biology of the seed and especially the sources of energy the seed uses to germinate.

Next, students should work together to write the Introduction paragraph of their lab report.  The Introduction should include the following:

  • State (in a sentence or two) the scientific concept the lab is about.  Hint: germination!
  • Describe what you know about germination and how the lab is investigating the process of germination.  Include a discussion about how the energy used for germination is different from the energy used for plant growth.
  • State the hypothesis in if/then/because format for the experiment and then explain:
    • why this particular hypothesis was selected
    • how the experiment will add to your understanding of germination

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