Mass and Volume

For lesson 4, we will explore the concepts of mass and volume.  We will briefly discuss the ChemCatalyst from the Lesson 04 PowerPoint and students will be reintroduced to the metric system.  To help reinforce the learning, we will embrace the power that is Pete Hendley:

We will discuss common metric system prefixes and learn the difference between milli- (1/1000), centi- (1/100), and kilo- (1000) as applied to the base units of meter, liter, and gram.  For the remainder of the lesson, students will work with a partner to complete Activity A for both the Triple Beam Balance and Measuring Volume Gizmos on the Explore Learning website.  For instructions on how to set up a Gizmo account, click here.  Students who complete Activity A of both Gizmos should continue working on Activities B and C of the Measuring Volume Gizmo.

Homework for this evening:

  • Work through the homework problems at the end of Lesson 4 and then verify accuracy with the Lesson 04 Homework Answers.
  • In preparation for the mini-quiz tomorrow, review the SyllabusSafety Contract, Lesson 1-3 homework answers, and your Chapter 01 Notes handout.
  • Email Mr. Swart below with any questions you have about lesson 1-4 homework problems you did not understand.  If needed, we will briefly address questions and then students will have the class period to complete the mini-quiz.
  • Return signed copy of syllabus and student safety contract (both due tomorrow – a signed safety contract and syllabus is absolutely required for student participation in labs).



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