Chapter 1 Review

Today students will receive login credentials for online access to our Living By Chemistry textbook.  Students will access the book through the Sapling Learning website.

In preparation for the Chapter 1 Test tomorrow, students will have the class period to complete and review their Chapter 01 NotesThis handout may be used as notes on the test.  No other notes may be used.  Students may not share notes during the test. The notes must be turned in along with the test tomorrow. Students should also review Mini-Quiz 1 and ask clarifying questions as needed.

Whiteboard notes depicting the solution for Lesson 5 Worksheet question 13:


In addition, students should prepare for the test by working through the Chapter 1 Summary questions on page 21 of the textbook.  Chapter 01 Summary answers are provided for students to check their work after attempting the review exercises.

As a final reminder (as included in the Chapter 1 Study Guide provided to students last Friday), testable content from Chapter 1 may include:

  • Syllabus
  • Safety Contract
  • Lesson 1-5 content and vocabulary (review end-of-lesson exercises!)
    • Explain where to locate and how to use lab safety equipment
    • Review lab equipment Google Slides
    • Review Penny Lab demonstration – did the penny turn to gold?
    • Explain how you know what is and is not matter
    • Explain how to measure mass and volume
    • Calculate density when given mass and volume
    • Calculate mass when given density and volume
    • Calculate volume when given density and mass
    • Explain how density can be used as evidence to support what a material is or is not
    • Understand the limitations of density
    • Use common metric system prefixes (milli-, centi-, and kilo-) and base units (m, L, g)