The Periodic Table

Class began with a video about Dmitri Mendeleev and the Periodic Table.  During the video, students received their graded Chapter 1 Tests.  Students were encouraged to review the answer key as needed.  Students who struggled on the density questions (#13-15) on the test may obtain full credit for those three problems upon successful completion of the Density Laboratory Gizmo packet.  The complete packet must be returned along with the test for credit.

Next, students went back to work in small groups, tackling the Lesson 10 worksheet with their groups from Lesson 9.  They reconstructed their periodic tables using the cards from Lesson 9, then identified trends in the table to fill in the worksheet.  After completing the worksheet, students received a paper copy of the Periodic Table to use on exams and quizzes and then had the remainder of the class period to read and take notes on lesson 10 using the textbook as well as the Power Point slides.


Bonus Learning Opportunity

For pleasure, students should consider reading a few pages from Sam Kean’s book titled The Disappearing Spoon.  Click this link for the section of the book about Ytterby Lanthanides.  It begins with the sentence “In 1701, a braggadocian teenager…” and you will need to click the hyperlinked blue “Page >>” in the upper left hand corner to reveal the full reading passage.  Continue reading through the next three full pages ending in “…Galapagos Island of the periodic table.”  You will be glad you did!

Homework for this evening:

  • Read Lesson 10 in the textbook.  Login via and enter your username and password:
    • Username: wahps****s-####### (**** = first 4 letters of your last name and ####### = student number).  Remember to include the dash between s and #.
    • Password: S-####### (the S must be capitalized)
  • Work through the homework problems at the end of Lesson 10 and then verify accuracy with the Lesson 10 Homework Answers.
  • Write notes for Lesson 10 on the Chapter 02 Notes handout.
  • Answer the Lesson 10 questions in the Chapter 2 Study Guide.
  • Come to class tomorrow prepared to ask questions about anything of the homework problems from lesson 10 you did not understand.