Lewis Dot Symbols

We extended our learning of the HONC 1234 rule from yesterday by re-introducing the concept of Lewis Dot Symbols and Structures.  The Lesson 31 PowerPoint includes key vocabulary, and we reviewed Lewis Dot Symbols and how they assemble to create Lewis Dot Structures in our class notes. Students had the remainder of the class period to work in groups of four on the  Lesson 31 Worksheet using the Lewis Dot Puzzle Pieces.   Students were reminded of the mini-quiz tomorrow covering content from Lessons 28-31.

Notes from class:

Remaining class time was utilized to read Lesson 31 in the textbook, summarizing the main ideas in the Chapter 6 Notes and working through the practice problems at the end of the lesson.

Keep Learning!

The videos below all include information about Lewis Dot symbols.  In preparation for the mini-quiz tomorrow, you are strongly encouraged to review them!


  • Read Lesson 31 in the textbook.  Login via hs.saplinglearning.com and enter your username and password:
    • Username: wahps****s-####### (**** = first 4 letters of your last name and ####### = student number).  Remember to include the dash between s and #.
    • Password: S-####### (the S must be capitalized)
  • Write notes for Lesson 31 on the Chapter 6 Notes handout.
  • Work through the practice problems at the end of Lesson 31.
  • Please ask questions about anything from Lesson 31 you do not yet fully understand.

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