Under Pressure – Introduction to Gas Laws

Exit Task

Our mini-unit began with a brief silent video introducing the Gas Laws.  Students were tasked with making written observations and then we held a class discussion and produced a chart of what they Know, Think They Know, and Need to Know.  Next, students were introduced to Robert Boyle, one of the great chemistry scientists from history who contributed greatly to our understanding of Gas Laws. The video can be accessed by clicking here and using the passcode provided in class.

The lesson concluded with an activity in which students worked in groups to simulate the movement of gas molecules, calculating how a change in variables (temperature, volume, and pressure) affects the rate of molecule collisions.

For the final 10 minutes of class, students completed the 1st Semester Reflection (Exit Task) and received back their graded Unit 2 Exam.

Updated 1/30 – For the second day of the lesson, we reviewed the gas laws and reviewed basic algebra skills to help prepare for making calculations with the gas laws.  Class notes are shown below, and the slide deck with important definitions covered thus far are available as a PowerPoint (unit 3 vocabulary).



Daily Deliverables Due Friday:

  • Robert Boyle Video Notes (worksheet)
  • Gas Laws Lab Data and Analysis (worksheet)
  • 1st Semester Reflection (Exit Task)

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