Types of Reactions

For the final lesson of chapter 13, students learned to classify the types of reactions as combination, decomposition, single exchange, or double exchange reactions.

  • Combination: A + B -> C
  • Decomposition: A -> B + C
  • Single Exchange: AB + C -> A + BC
  • Double Exchange: AB + CD -> AD + CD

We focused primarily slide 8 of the Lesson 73 PowerPoint.  Students are encouraged to review the full slide deck, including the vocabulary defined on slides 9-12.  Students then received the Lesson 73 Worksheet and Toxic Reaction Cards to work on for the remainder of class.  As an alternative, students who self-assessed as needing additional practice balancing equations were offered the opportunity to work through the Balancing Equations Gizmo.

Notes from the whiteboard:



  • Read Lesson 73 in the textbook.  Login via hs.saplinglearning.com and enter your username and password:
    • Username: wahps****s-####### (**** = first 4 letters of your last name and ####### = student number).  Remember to include the dash between s and #.
    • Password: S-####### (the S must be capitalized)
  • Work through the practice problems at the end of Lesson 73.
  • Please ask questions about anything from Lesson 73 you do not yet fully understand.

Opportunities For Help Outside of Class:

  1. Mr. Swart’s office hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays after school until at least 3:00 (later with advanced notice)
  2. Use the vast number of resources available on this website – check each lesson!
  3. Email Mr. Swart for help if staying after school is not possible
  4. Form a study group with other students  to review concepts from class
  5. Attend MASH after school (M/T/Th in Library)
  6. Attend Math Lab after school (T/Th in Room 124)

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