Defining Matter

For lesson 3 today, students will write a response to the ChemCatalyst questions in the Lesson 03 PowerPoint. Students should leave class today able to share the definition of matter, and be able to differentiate between what is and is not matter.  To achieve that learning, students will work in groups to complete the Lesson 03 Student Worksheet.

After completing the Lesson 3 Worksheet, students verified access to the digital version of our chemistry textbook:

  1. Go to
  2.  Username = s-####### (student number)
  3. Password = MM/DD/YYYY (birthdate)

Students will read through Lessons 3 and 4 with remaining class time or as homework.  Note: we have our first quiz this Friday covering textbook lessons 1-5.  To help prepare for the quiz, students will receive a copy of the Chapter 1 Study Guide.

Keep Learning! Is light a particle or a wave?  The TED-Ed talk below will help us answer the question of whether light is matter or not matter.  Watch the video and answer the question for yourself: is light a particle or a wave?  Use evidence to support your claim!


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