Week 4

Monday, September 23 (HS-LS1-5): We will begin the week with The Digestive System video by Mr. Anderson at Bozeman Science to review this important area of study.

After the video, students will have the remainder of class to complete the Digestive System Gizmo activity packet from last week.


Watch the Biological Molecules Crash Course video (below) and complete the associated worksheet.

Tuesday, September 24 and Wednesday, September 25: Half of the 9th grade class is scheduled to visit Camp Waskowitz, so students who are in biology class today will have the class period to begin writing a lab report detailing the corn seed germination and corn plant growth experiment.

The lab report must include:

  • Student name
  • Lab report title
  • Introduction (explain the purpose of the lab)
  • Procedure (numbered list of steps someone could follow to recreate the experiment you are reporting on)
  • Results (observations from the lab, including how many seeds were germination, how many days it took for germination to happen for each seed, and daily plant growth)
  • Conclusion (what was learned, three areas of improvement, and explanation of the “next” experiment)

Thursday, September 26: Students have the entire class period to complete the plant experiment lab report.  Students who finish the lab report early will begin constructing molecular models for the photosynthesis and cellular respiration activity tomorrow.

Friday, September 27 (HS-LS1-5, HS-LS1-7): For our short Friday class period, students will use molecular modeling kits to build the molecules involved in both photosynthesis and cellular respiration.  Students will learn how to balance both equations and will understand the concept of energy stored in the bonds of molecules.

Notes from class:




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