Atomic Number and Atomic Mass

Our work today address the Key Question: How are the atoms of one element different from those of another element?  To get started, the entry task asked students to draw a model of a boron (B) atom and label the parts.

After the Entry Task, students received their graded Chapter 2 Quiz and we reviewed as a class.

Next, students reviewed the parts of atoms by watching the Crash Course video below:

After the video, we briefly reviewed the main ideas from lesson 12 from the textbook and students had the opportunity to update their model of a boron atom from the Entry Task.  Key learnings:

  • Atomic number = # of protons in one atom of a given element
  • Protons have a positive charge
  • Electrons have a negative charge
  • Neutral atoms have equal numbers of protons and electrons
  • Atomic mass = (# of protons) + (# of neutrons) in one atom of a given element
  • Neutrons have no charge

Finally, students had the remainder of the class period to worked on the Lesson 12 Worksheet.  Students who need more practice with this lesson should ask the teacher for  the Element Builder Gizmo packet which will earn students credit for one bonus assignment.

Notes from class: