Week 6

Monday, October 7: Students will write up a lab report of last Friday’s strawberry DNA extraction lab report.  The lab report will include the following components:

  • Student name
  • Lab report title
  • Introduction (explain the purpose of the lab)
  • Procedure (numbered list of steps someone could follow to recreate the experiment you are reporting on)
  • Results (observations from the lab)
  • Conclusion (what was learned, three areas of improvement, and explanation of the “next” experiment)

Tuesday, October 8: Students repeated the strawberry DNA extraction experiment from last Friday, testing the experimental question “Which type of soap is better at extracting strawberry DNA?”  Students conducted the extraction twice, using extraction solution prepared with either Dawn dish soap (orange) or Suave shampoo (blue).  Students took pictures of their results to include in their revised lab report.

Notes from class today:

Wednesday, October 9: To begin class, students shared out the results from their lab yesterday.  We then made connections between procedure steps, extraction solution components, cell structure, and DNA precipitation.  Students had the remainder of the class period to update their lab reports and to bulk up the Introduction and Conclusion sections of the lab report by incorporating what was learned today.

Thursday, October 10: For our final day of class this week, students had the opportunity to complete their lab reports (due today) or begin the take-home quiz (due Monday).

Friday, October 11: No School / For homework over the long weekend, students will complete the mid-unit take-home quiz.


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