Transition Metal Chemistry

Today we learned about how to name compounds that involve transition metals.  To help launch the lesson, students watched a video by Tyler DeWitt titled Transition Metals in Ionic Formulas:

After watching the video, we practiced writing ionic formulas with transition metals via the Lesson 23.1 worksheet.

Notes from class:



Extend your learning!

Students are encouraged to review lesson content by watching the videos below:

Real-world application:

Click on the image below to learn more about how transition metals are used in the process of coloring paint.


Next, click on the image below to learn how transition metals impact the color of gemstones:


What do you notice about the two different images?  How can different transition metals turn different materials (paint and gemstones) similar colors?  How do similar chemical formulas result in different colors?  To help answer this, consider the difference between paint and gemstones: you light observes light reflected by both substances.  Does light interact with paint and gemstones differently?