Classifying Substances

We enter the final chapter in Unit 1 with the Lesson 25 PowerPoint, introducing students to the concept of classifying substances based on properties of matter like conductivity and solubility.  After slide 6 in the PowerPoint, students will receive the Lesson 25 Worksheet and then work in groups of 4 students to test the conductivity and solubility of the substances listed on the worksheet.  By the end of class, students will compile all of the data from the lab into the table on page 2 of the worksheet.

Notes from class:




Homework for this evening:

  • Read Lesson 25 in the textbook.
  • Work through the homework problems at the end of Lesson 25 and write notes for Lesson 25.
  • Come to class tomorrow prepared to ask questions about anything from Lesson 25 you do not yet fully understand.