Choose Your Own Adventure

With a number of students out of school for the day on an AVID field trip, class today focused on reviewing the types of bonds formed between atoms, and extending into modeling electrons using Lewis Structures.

For our entry task today, students were asked to take a brief survey about science electives they are interested in taking next school year.  Students may click this survey link or use the QR code below:

Science Elective Survey QR Code

After the entry task, students have the following options (must turn in something today to receive credit for class – an assignment, a shared document, or an email with notes is sufficient):

  1. Catch-up Day:
    • Complete and turn in worksheets for Lessons 28-30
    • Turn in or revise Unit 1 Project*
    • Turn in or revise Electroplating Lab Report*
    • *Amnesty Day today = 80% max credit.  After today, 60% max credit.  After Friday, no credit.
  2. Dig Deeper Day:
    • Research electron orbitals
      • Quantum numbers
      • Orbital shapes
      • Sigma and Pi bonds
      • Hybrid orbitals
  3. Get Ahead Day:
    • Complete SLC Reflection Worksheet
    • Research Electronegativity Scales
    • Research Functional Groups
    • Research / Build molecules with MolView
    • Watch the videos below, then read Lesson 31 and complete the exercises

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