Ester Synthesis

Pre-Lab: Read the Lesson 34 Worksheet and then complete the Ester Synthesis Lab Safety Survey before class on Monday.

Lesson 34 Lab: Our work today is to conduce the Ester Synthesis Lab.  Class will begin with a class discussion of the experiment, with emphasis placed on lab safety.  For the lab, students will use the Lesson 34 Student Worksheet to guide them through the lab.

Lab Instructions on whiteboard:

Keep Learning!

Ester synthesis mechanism (Fischer esterification):

Acid-catalyzed ester hydrolysis:


  • Read Lesson 34 in the textbook.  Login via and enter your username and password.
  • Write notes for Lesson 34 and work through the practice problems at the end of Lesson 34.
  • Please ask questions about anything from Lesson 34 you do not yet fully understand.

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