Analyzing Ester Synthesis

Entry Task: Functional Group Poster Contest

For our final lesson of Chapter 6, students were tasked with analyzing the ester synthesis lab from yesterday.  The Lesson 35 Student Worksheet guides students through the analysis process.

Notes from class:

Keep Learning!

Wondering why the O and H from the carboxylic acid partner up with the H from the alcohol to form water during the ester synthesis reaction?  The answer is far from simple!  Check out the chemistry involved in Fischer Esterification, courtesy of the University of Calgary department of Chemistry.


  • Read Lesson 35 in the textbook.  Login via and enter your username and password.
  • Write notes for Lesson 35 and work through the practice problems at the end of Lesson 35.
  • Please ask questions about anything from Lesson 35 you do not yet fully understand.

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