Semester 2 Launch

Welcome to second semester!  A new semester brings fresh start and a new unit.  Before we dive in, we will roll out a new seating chart, welcome new faces to our classroom, review the class Syllabus and Safety Contract and hold a class discussion around expectations this semester.

Next, students will receive back their graded Unit 2 exams.  We will discuss any questions students have about the exam.  Students who took the Unit 1 exam will also receive it back graded.  Two groups of students took the exam:

  • Students with an A after the unit 2 exam was graded had the option of taking the Unit 1 exam.  The exam score does not affect the semester 1 grade.  However, students who earn a 70% or better on the exam will receive an Honors designation on their transcript for 1st semester chemistry.
  • Students who did not turn in the Unit 1 Project had the option of taking the Unit 1 exam.  The exam score (up to 60% max) will replace the missing score from the project.

Finally, we will wrap up 1st semester with an Exit Task designed to help them reflect on their successes and consider opportunities to grow during 2nd semester.  After the Exit Task, students should confirm access to the class textbook (full student gmail address and HighlineMM/DD where MM/DD are birth month and day) and the class Newsela account.


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