Gas Laws Mini-Unit Exam Part 2

For the Day 2 of the Unit 3 Exam, students are tasked with using the Ideal Gas Law to explain how methane bubbles originating on the ocean floor change as they travel to the surface.  Methane gas is explosive, and might be one reason ship are lost in the Bermuda Triangle.

The temperature at the ocean floor is 0°C.  The pressure at the ocean floor is 35 atm.  The size of methane gas bubbles has been determined using sound.  Read the article Audio Reveals Sizes of Methane Bubbles Rising from the Seafloor and locate the information about the size distribution of bubbles.  The team reports that bubbles range in size from a few millimeters (mm) to a few centimeters (cm).  Once you find the actual numbers reported, enter them into the Google Form corresponding to your class period.

The exam ends when the bell rings.


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