Week 32 – The Beak of the Finch

By now you should fully understand that evolution does not have a direction.  There is no goal.  Evolution is simply the process of genetic mutations occurring within a population that give rise to traits which may allow some individuals of a population to survive when the environment changes.  The video below brings us back to the Galapagos Islands where Charles Darwin first encountered the finches that would ultimately help him formulate the Theory of Evolution.  (Note: in science, theory is considered fact.  We often hear the phrase “just a theory” which is not a scientific use of the term.)  Would Darwin be surprised to see the timescale on which evolution can be observed on the island?  To complete this next section:

  1. Watch The Beak of the Finch video below:
  2. Complete the accompanying worksheet packet as a section of your Week 32 Google Doc (section title: The Beak of the Finch).
  3. Work through the Sorting Finch Species interactive (sound required) and complete the Sorting Finch Species worksheet as a section of your Week 32 Google Doc (section title: Sorting Finch Species).  This is a fun activity to play with someone at home – feel free to team up and share your learning with others.

Return to the Week 32 – Phylogenetic Trees post and continue our work for the week.


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