Week 34 – Bonus Credit Opportunity

Looking to earn some bonus credit and boost your grade?  You’ve come to the right place!  Each week, you will have the opportunity to earn bonus credit for completing extra learning about science…or maybe “just” thinking what you would do with a pile of cold hard cash.

This week’s bonus credit opportunity is called…Invest in Your Future.  We all dream about what we might do if we won the lottery.  It’s a great way to unshackle ourselves from our current realities and think about what we might do if we had a pile of money.  For this week’s bonus credit opportunity, I want to know  exactly what you would do with $100,000.  How would you invest in your future?  I want specifics!  “Save for college” is a phrase, not a paragraph.  Where would you attend college and what would you major in?  “Buy a car” – what kind and why?  “Start a business” – what kind and why?  “Invest in the stock market” – which stocks and why?  Click here and fill out the Google Form.  That’s it!  +10 bonus in the Assignment category.


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