Weeks 34-35 – Graph of LD50

For the final slide of the Toxin Research Project, you will create a graph of the LD50 data from Slide 3.  You have many different options for creating the line graph, some of which include:

Instructions for Slide 4:

  • Add Slide 4 to your Google Slides deck and title it “Graph of LD50
  • Add your graph to Slide 4.  A complete graph includes:
    • Graph Title
    • X-axis Label (body mass (kg))
    • Y-axis Label (lethal dose (mass units from LD50 numerator))
    • Three coordinates (x,y) = (body mass, lethal dose) from Slide 3
    • A line connecting the three points
  • Determine the slope of the line.  What does it mean?

Need help? Click here for an example of a graph created using Google Sheets.

You did it!  Congratulations on completing the Toxin Research Project.  Be sure to share your Google Slides with Mr. Swart at david.swart@g.highlineschools.org and you should also share your hard work with everyone at home!

When finished, return to Weeks 34-35 – How Much Is Too Much? and continue working.


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