Weeks 34-35 – Lactase Persistence

Welcome to Weeks 34 and 35!  We continue our study of evolution, and specifically co-evolution, by focusing on the enzyme lactase.  You have two weeks to complete this work.  The recommended weekly work schedule is provided below.  You must complete the weekly attendance check-in, but you are welcome to adjust the learning schedule to meet your own needs.

Week 34 (recommended)

  1. Week 34 Attendance Check-In (required by 10am 5/15)
  2. What is an Enzyme? (Google Form assignment)
  3. Enzyme Lab-At-Home (Learning required, Lab Report optional)

Week 35 (recommended)

  1. Week 35 Attendance Check-In (required by 10am 5/22)
  2. Got Lactase? (Google Form assignment)
  3. What’s Wrong with Claire? (Gizmo notes in Google Doc)

You did it!  Just to make sure, here’s a checklist of items you must complete this week by Sunday, May 24 at 11:59pm:

  • Week 34 Attendance Check-In (school district requirement)
  • Week 35 Attendance Check-In (school district requirement)
  • Enzyme Google Form (worth 15 assignment points)
  • Optional Enzyme Lab Report (worth 40 lab report bonus points)
  • Got Lactase? Google Form (worth 15 assignment points)
  • Enzymes STEM Case Gizmo Google Doc Notes (worth 10 assignment points)

Remember, you can email me any time.  Office hours for Science are Tuesdays from 11am-12pm and Thursdays from 1pm-2pm.  Check your student Gmail for Zoom instructions.

Don’t forget to complete the Week 34 and Week 35 Bonus Credit Opportunities!  Check out the amazing artwork students are submitting as part of the Week 35 Bonus Credit Opportunity.



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