Week 1 – Welcome to Chemistry

As you work through this week’s lesson, you will have opportunities to engage as deeply in the material as you find helpful.  There are videos, links to articles, vocabulary terms used in context, and plenty to read to expand your understanding of the world around you through the lens of chemistry.

Weekly lessons are broken up into sections, called parts.  Each part will roughly correspond to one day of work.  Some parts may be longer than others depending on the learning demands of the content.  Pace yourself accordingly.  You are welcome to complete one part each day, or do more or less depending on your needs that day.  As long as you complete the work before the next week’s learning becomes available (weekly posts become visible at 8:00 am each Monday morning), you will stay caught up!

As you work through each part of the weekly lesson, you will see questions in red text.  At the end of each part, you will find a link to a Google Form assignment (log in with your student Gmail account).  Assignments are auto-scored, and you may re-take assignments to earn an improved score after reviewing the learning needed to do so.  Completion of the assignment will help determine your grade in the class, as will the weekly quiz.  The quiz may be taken once, so do your best work.  Note: If you feel your quiz score does not accurately reflect your commitment to learning the weekly work, and if all of your assignments are complete for the week, email me and I will provide access to an alternate version of the quiz.

Before you complete the assignments and take the weekly quiz, understand the resources you have available for help guide you in your learning:

  • At the end of each part of the lesson, you will find a link to a Jamboard – basically a place to post digital sticky notes that will serve as a discussion board.  You are encouraged to post questions, post answers, and use the space to share ideas, support each other, and make friends.
  • You will have “class time” each day to meet with your classmates and teacher in Zoom breakout rooms to discuss the learning.
  • Form a study with your classmates and find a system for meeting and sharing ideas and questions that works for the group.
  • And you can always email Mr. Swart with questions or for help setting up peer study groups.

We begin the year with a short week, so let’s dive in!  Click here to return to Week 1 – The Golden Penny and get started by taking the Week 1 Pre-Assessment.


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