Unit 2

Ecology and Systems Biology

September 24: Networks and Factors

September 25: Ecosystem Preview

September 26: Clicker Quiz

September 29-30: Great Salt Lake Initial Model

October 1: Extremophiles

October 2: Extreme Environments

October 3: Let’s Read!

October 6: Food Web Game

October 7: Food Web Game Results

October 8: Trophic Pyramid

October 9: Concept Mapping

October 13-14: Carrying Capacity

October 15: PSAT

October 16: Studio Day

October 17: Matter

October 20-21: Structured Talk

October 22: Summary Table

October 23: Catch-up Day

October 24: Initial Model Revision

October 26: Bonus! Why the GSL is Salty

October 27: Biospheres

October 28: Unit Exam Review

October 29: Unit Exam


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