Unit 5

Unit 5: Evolution

April 12: Some of the Things That Molecules Do

April 13-14: Sickle Cell Anemia Case Study

April 18: Evolution Game

April 19: Mutations and the Birth and Death of Genes

April 20: Retroviruses, Pseudogenes, and Transposons

April 21-22: The Beak of the Finch

April 25-26: Creating Phylogenetic Trees from DNA Sequences

April 27: Evolution Unit Review

April 28: Evolving Bodies, Evolving Switches

May 2: Zombie Parasites

May 3: Co-evolution Case Study

May 4-5: Infectious Organisms Project Research

May 6: Conclusion Writing Practice

May 9-10: Infectious Organisms Project Comic Work

May 11: Infectious Organisms Projects Due

May 12: Work Day (AP History Exam)


Let the learning begin!

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