Chemistry 2015-16

This year we will be using the Living By Chemistry (2nd ed) textbook written by Dr. Angelica Stacy, Professor of Chemistry at UC Berkeley.  Each student will be issued a textbook, and students should bring the textbook and a lab notebook to class each day. Daily lesson content, along with required reading, classwork, and homework will be posted here. Whenever possible, additional learning resources related to lesson content (i.e. readings, links to websites with supplemental content, videos, suggested mobile device apps, and more) will also be included in the lesson summary. Students are expected to check the website daily. To get started, click on the current unit:

Syllabus and Safety Contract

Unit 1: Matter, Atomic Structure, and Bonding

Unit 2: Molecular Structure and Properties

Unit 3: Phase Changes and Behavior of Gases

Unit 4: Stoichiometry, Solution Chemistry, Acids and Bases

Unit 5: Energy, Thermodynamics, and Oxidation-Reduction

Unit 6: Reversible Reactions and Chemical Equilibrium


Let the learning begin!

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