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Reproduction, Inheritance, and Meiosis: Contraception Project – Day 2

Students continued working on their Contraception Projects, turning in yesterday’s worksheet and the brochure at the end of class.  Students who need extra time may complete the work as homework and turn it all in at the beginning of class tomorrow.  Slides for today can be viewed here.

After grading the quizzes from last Friday, it is clear many students need additional practice with dihybrid crosses.  Because of the short class period tomorrow (made even shorter by the extended advisory time), we will review dihybrid crosses during class and then students will receive the Unit 7 Exam as a take-home exam.  It will be due next Monday at the beginning of class.

Reproduction, Inheritance, and Meiosis: Contraception Project – Day 1

After learning about sexual reproduction yesterday, with a focusing on fertilization, students worked with partners to learn about the hormones involved in sexual reproduction (BSCS book, pages 481-484).  Working in pairs, they completed a worksheet to help them make sense of the major hormones.  Next, they assigned a variety of birth control methods into categories using a list from the textbook on page 409.  Finally, students received a grading rubric to help them construct a birth control method brochure.  The reading assignment and brochure information is available in the slide deck for today.

Additional information about birth control methods is available in both English and Spanish at http://www.birth-control-comparison.info/.