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Cells and Homeostasis: Eggsperiment Day 1

This week we will be learning about cell membranes.  Today, students began the process of dissolving chicken egg shells by pouring vinegar into a cup containing an egg.  The egg shell should dissolve by Thursday, at which time students will gently rinse the egg, measure the mass of the egg, and then transfer the egg to a new liquid.  Depending on the properties of the new liquid, the mass of the egg may change.  Also today, students measured the concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide both in the room air and bubbling off of eggs that had been sitting in vinegar since this morning.  We will collect O2 and CO2 class data on Wednesday.

Note: Students collected oxygen (O2) as a percentage (%) and carbon dioxide (CO2) as ppm (parts per million).  To convert ppm to %, simply divide ppm by 10,000.

Remember: In honor of Veteran’s Day, there is no school tomorrow.