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Matter, Atomic Structure, and Bonding: Chapter 4 Quiz

We completed our review of subshells from Lesson 24 (answers to textbook questions 6a and 6d are pictured below) and then students received the Chapter 4 Quiz as a take-home assignment.  As part of the quiz, students must cite one piece of evidence from class (textbook, notes, videos, etc) to support their answer.  The quiz is due Monday.


Matter, Atomic Structure, and Bonding: Ions

Our learning about electrons continued with the Lesson 19 PowerPoint introducing students to the concept of ions.  Students received the Noble Gas Envy handout and we walked through the example on the whiteboard.  The discussion prompted a student question about how two atoms of hydrogen bind with an oxygen atom to form a water molecule which was also captured on the whiteboard (pictured below).  For classwork, students received the Lesson 19 Worksheet and the Ion Cards Game Cards that accompanies it.  For homework, students should complete the Lesson 19 textbook questions #2-16 (evens only).


Matter, Atomic Structure, and Bonding: Valence and Core Electrons

We began the class period by creating a table of the data from yesterday’s Flame Test lab, which students then used to complete the Lesson 17 Worksheet.


We also reviewed the Lesson 17 PowerPoint before transitioning to Lesson 18.  There are several hand-outs for Lesson 18, including the Lesson 18 Worksheet, the Lesson 18 Shell Model, the Table of Electron Shells, and the Table of Valence and Core Electrons.  We reviewed the Lesson 18 PowerPoint through slide 9 and will complete the remaining slides tomorrow.  For homework, in addition to completing the Lesson 18 worksheet, students should work through questions #3-10 at the end of Lesson 18 in the textbook and then read through Lesson 19 in the textbook.