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Energy, Matter, and Organization: Feedback

We continued our learning from the Google Classroom by focusing on the last question in the worksheet that asked students to consider the effect of temperature on metabolism.  We watched the the “squirrel” segment (from 41:40 to 50:00 of the Can We Live Forever? video from NOVA scienceNOW).  Students then updated their answers to question 6 from yesterday’s worksheet.  The the last half of class, students worked in pairs to complete part 1 of the Keeping a Balance worksheet.  They reviewed homeostasis and negative feedback, applying their learning to the scenario of a car adjusting speed in an effort to maintain the set point speed (the speed limit speed of 55 mph).

Energy, Matter, and Organization: Stepping Up the Pace

Last week, students were introduced to body systems.  They watched a video showing how the human body reacts under extreme conditions, and then researched body systems involved in the scenarios they saw in the video.  This week, we began with a reading from the class textbook.  The reading introduces students to the concept of homeostasis and feedback loops, while introducing those feedback loops in the context of specific body systems.  Students read page 177, and then pages 229-236, answering questions 2a-d on page 178.  Students finishing early also answered question 3, and then were challenged with searching for the mechanism behind the cycle they wrote about in question 2d.  The directions were also written on the white board and are shown below: