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Evolution: Evolution Unit Review

With the extra advisory period inserted into the day to enable students to complete the final school-wide writing to explain assessment, we used the shortened class period to review the learning thus far in the evolution unit.  We crowd-sourced a set of class notes and an example from one of the class periods is pictured below.  We covered the major learning concepts from the Cosmos video, the malaria/sickle cell case study, the icefish video, and the evolution of Darwin’s finches.


Energy, Matter, and Organization: Organizing and Summarizing

We used our time in class today to organize and summarize learning thus far on Unit 2.  Students have had several assignments and many needed some additional time to complete their work.  The goal by the end of class was to identify all of the work from the unit, summarize the key findings into a narrative, and store the work in student folders that will be kept in the classroom.  The folders will serve as a portfolio and as an organizational tool.  They will also allow students to easily present their work on the current unit during the Student-Led Conferences scheduled for this evening (from 2:30-6:00) and tomorrow (from 4:00-7:30).  Tomorrow we will share out as a class and come up with a common narrative to help students retain our learning over the long 5-day Thanksgiving weekend.