Reproduction, Inheritance, and Meiosis: End of Q3

Today marked the end of third quarter.  With the short class period, students had the option of working quietly on any missing assignments or watching a video.  As the recent proud recipients of a grant from the Southwest King School Retirees Association, students will soon have access to two Arduino microprocessors, some accessory components, and two books for learning to program the Arduino in the classroom.  To introduce students to the Arduino and to connect the technology back (at least tangentially!) with our current unit of study (it’s a stretch, but we have been talking a lot about plant genetics), students watched a video about how Arduino technology can be integrated with aquaponics to power a highly productive garden.  The video, as well as more about the Arduino, can be found on the Disruptive Innovations: Arduino page on this website.

Have a wonderful Spring Break!


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