Toxins: Types of Reactions

We began class with a review exercise intended to help students bring together the concepts of molarity and balancing equations.  We returned to the photosynthesis equation example from yesterday, this time reversing it to model cellular respiration.  Students then calculated the molecular mass of each of the molecules involved in cellular respiration, and used the balanced equation as evidence to support the Law of Conservation of Mass.  We then briefly reviewed the connection between moles and particle number, using Avagadro’s number to calculate the number of water molecules in 6 moles of water.  Notes from the white board are pictured below:

We then transitioned to classifying the types of reactions by focusing on the Lesson 73 PowerPoint slide 8.  Students are encouraged to review the full slide deck, including the vocabulary defined on slides 9-12.  Students then received the Lesson 73 Worksheet and Toxic Reaction Cards to work on for the remainder of class.  For homework, students were assigned Lesson 73 textbook problems 1-7.


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