Electron Configurations

Our learning about electrons culminated today with Lesson 24, in which students understanding of electron shells was expanded to include the concept of subshells.

To launch the lesson, we began with the Crash Course chemistry video below:

Next, we worked through the Lesson 24 PowerPoint, and students also received a copy of the Lesson 24 Worksheet.  For homework, students should complete textbook questions 1-13 at the end of Lesson 24 (page 121).

Want more?  There is a follow-up Crash Course video (#25) that picks up where this one left off and takes the content to a whole new shell (sorry, chemistry humor):

For Thursday, October 19, we began class with a refresher from yesterday and extension (ionization energy) via Mr. Anderson of Bozeman Science:

We reviewed at length the connection between the periodic table and electron configuration, working through parts of the Lesson 24 worksheet handed out yesterday as a class.


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