Week 33 – Bonus Credit Opportunity

Looking to earn some bonus credit and boost your grade?  You’ve come to the right place!  Each week, you will have the opportunity to earn bonus credit for completing extra learning about science…or practicing a scientific skill.

This week’s bonus credit opportunity is called…Write a Procedure.  To earn credit this week, you have to write out the procedure for how to make something you love to eat, using ingredients you currently have access to.  No special trips to the store!  It doesn’t have to be a complicated procedure, but it does have to be extremely detailed.  When you think you are finished, ask someone at home to read the procedure to you.  Follow each step exactly as it is written.  Can you make your food item?  If more detail is required, revise your procedure and try again.  When you have enough detail to complete the task, take a picture of your food item and upload it to the Google Form.  The finished Procedure and uploaded picture together earn you +20 bonus points in the Lab Report category.  Click here and fill out the Google Form.


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